List Of Top Zambian Celebrities Who Have no Kids at Their Age

Giving birth and settling down is each lady’s fantasy.  And In Africa, finding a man and giving birth makes a lady complete. Shockingly, there are some Zambian celebrities here in Lusaka who have no plans of giving birth to any kid. The vast majority of these celebrities are rich and have everything that it takes to have a kid but they are unwilling to do so. Today, unveils the list of these celebrities;

Below is the list of some top Zambian Celebrities who have  no kids despite their fame and riches.

1. Fransisca Magaret Msisha a.k.a Franciar

Born on 11th January 1992, the former secular musician, now a gospel artist is locally known for her hit song called “Umutokofyompo.” The beautiful singer, Actress and songwriter has no child to her status but recently got married in December 2016

We hope she will soon surprise us with a child since she’s is now legally enjoying everything.

2. Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda a.k.a Bombshell

Born on 31st December 1987. Despite being rated as the most beautiful female artist in Zambia, Bombshell has no child to her status as yet. Even her relationship status has always made us scratch our medulla oblongata.

We hope she doesn’t prove us right on the last day  of 2018 when she gives birth.

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