Top 10 Ugandan Women Who Should Have Been Born Men

Celebrating women’s Day reminds us that we are still in a man’s world. And genuinely, Uganda is still a patriarchal society where highly gifted women have accomplished some milestones but would have been on top of the game had they been born men.

The following women are achievers but should have been on top of the country had they been born men.

1. Rebecca Kadaga

Rebecca Kadaga, a lawyer by profession, is the speaker of Uganda’s parliament. By her position, she has risen to high on the ladder. In fact, she is by protocol the third most powerful person in Uganda.

Kadaga rode on the women’s movement but her achievement is self made. The Kamuli district MP is a fighter. She does not shy away from personal wars. Kadaga, according to sources, desired to stand for president.

In fact she stands a better chance than any member of parliament to replace Museveni. But again, when the contest goes on the last line, Kadaga could be overlooked for one unsaid reason – she is a woman.

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