10 Ugandan Celebrities You Didn’t Know were Battling HIV/AIDS

While celebrities might appear to be living a life filled with glitz and glamor all day, everyday, they are not super humans.

They are human beings who live and breathe like everyone, which means they’re susceptible to fall ill like the rest of us.

HIV and AIDS are two very dangerous illnesses to contend with and there is no known cure. Some of these celebs have all tried to keep their diagnosis hidden away, but the world always finds out.

Many have died due to the syndrome, before death, some accepted their fate, they came out publicly and declared their statuses whereas for others we just heard rumors since they never came out to announce that they are HIV positive till their death.

Here is a list of some of the Ugandan celebrities acquired these deadly virus;

1. Philly Bongole Lutaaya

Probably Philly is the first on the list because he is the first Uganda celebrity who came out to say he is infected with the disease.

He was a music maestro whose song still hit the waves up to now especially during Christmas festivals.

He died on 15 December, 1989 when the virus was still fresh in the eyes of the world.

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