Top 10 Ugandan Artists Who Could Be Good MPs

Uganda, is now ranked number three (3) in Africa as far as music and entertainment is concerned. There are some artists who are making waves, whiles aways putting the country on the top .

Despite their fame and riches, some of these artist don’t understand the worth of the fame they hold .

They haven’t realize their fame can win them votes. As per our research, many Ugandans would love some top star as their representatives in the parliament.

Below, we list the top 10 artists that can make several politicians walk on their knees once the poke their foot in the political arena.

1. Pastor Wilson Bugembe

He is one of the most respected and celebrated gospel musicians in Uganda, regardless of the fact that he is not yet a married man, if it was to declare his intentions to Stand against popular politicians around Kampala, the Lengera Embatta singer has capacity to unseat anyone but as said that they have eyes but they don’t see.

I wonder why the Light the World Ministries senior pastor has not yet got God’s vision to propel for him in the August House.

I know MPs like Kasule Robert Ssebunya, Latifu Ssebagala, Moses Kasibante, Kato Lubwama would love this.

Believe me, whether Bugembe comes on the Ruling Party Ticket, DP, People Power or FDC, he has capacity to make one of the listed lawmakers to walk on his knees.

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