Top Zambian’s Male Models That Every Woman is dying for

In this fast growing industry, modeling isn’t the most simplest profession to go up against. Top Companies in Zambia prefers celebrities to endorse their products , leaving the models without any jobs. Fashion shows happen just on occasions and many designers normally choose their friends to walk during these shows. Basically – it’s not as charming as you may think.

While that is so, some models are doing entirely well. Indeed – they are putting in much endeavors to guarantee that the modeling business gets acknowledgment in our country.

Here is the full list of the Top most admired male models in Zambia

10. Emmanuel Luckson Musonda

He was born  on 15th July 1994.Single and stays in Lusaka City of Zambia.Loves modeling, writing music, books, fashion and he is a huge fan of Chelsea and Barcelona football Clubs. His opinion concerning nudity. “I don’t believe in nudity because there is nothing like that in art. I am artist. In art there is no nude.

I follow the principles of being a professional model and nothing can strip their clothes out on the camera but there are some who are free to pose shirtless or bikini-less without fear of being condemned or called aggressive names. I work in my world, dress and do what I am comfortable with as long as I maintain my personality.”

09. Jevers Banda

Banda attended Chasa and Chazida Secondary Schools in 2006. He was born in Chipata North western province of Zambia. Not only passionate about modeling but also takes keen interest in music too. He’s very determined and appreciative towards work bringing in progress. He’s a soccer fan and enjoys reality TV shows.

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