Top 15 Richest Companies In Uganda 2019

These are the top 15 wealthiest brands in Uganda 2019. Our list is based on data combined from their investment, tax returns and revenue etc.

15. Hima Cement Ltd

Hima Cement Limited (HCL) was formed in 1994 in Kasese after the privatization of Uganda Cement Industries.

It was acquired by Bamburi Cement Limited from Kenya and the parent owner of Bamburi, Lafarge from France.

Hima Cement invested more than $40 million to build a cement factory along the Tororo – Soroti road by 2018 and raise production from the current 850,000 tonnes per year to 1.9 million tonnes.

The manufacturer supplies more than 30,000 tonnes of cement for the expansion of Entebbe International Airport, the same number for the construction of the Tororo – Mbale – Soroti road and many more.

It comes in to close the list at Shs 54,440,445,780 in tax returns.

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