Top 10 Best Companies Ugandans Are Dying to Work for

This is a competitive world and everyone would Love to work for one of the high paying companies with the end goal to carry on with the sort of life each one is yearning for . A job that will give you freedom, benefits packages and many more. team has inquired about and discovered the best ten companies  in Uganda that offer their employees much more than standard benefits, they offer staggering advantages and also a reasonable remuneration and some of these Companies likewise offer fully paid  short courses abroad for a few workers particularly those in engineering section, thus financing your future.

Below are the best 10 companies to work for in Uganda.

1. MTN (U) LTD.

This is the leading telecommunications giant in Uganda providing payphone, fixed lines, fax/data, Internet, mobile and financial services.

MTN has one of the best human resources information systems in the country and it offers quite a number of employee’s benefits.

2. Century Bottling Company.

Uganda’s century bottling company is the most popular beverage company owned by Coca-Cola Sabco, the makers of fanta, coca-cola, sprite and etc.Coca-cola won the best employer of the year award in 2011.

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