The Oldest and Most Beautiful Churches of Puerto Rico

The heart of each Puerto Rican city is the plaza, and the life blood that pumps that heart is the Catholic Church around which the plaza is built. There are many churches of all denominations on the island, but the primary religion is Catholicism, and you will find some of the oldest and most ornate churches in the New World on this small island. During your next visit, take time to view these glorious structures and hear their stories.

El Convento de Santo Domingo de Porta Coeli

Started as a convent and church in 1609, Porta Coeli (Heaven’s Gate), is one of the oldest church structures in the western hemisphere and is the second oldest church under US jurisdiction.

It was originally built as a monastery and a chapel was added in 1692, and now the structure is a museum that shares a wealth of information about not only the church and convent but the San German area. For a number of years the church was painted a bright orange, but it was recently repainted to its original white. San German was a pivotal place in the settling of Puerto Rico, so check out Porta Coeli on a day of sightseeing.

Porta Coeli, San German, Puerto Rico +1 787-892-5845

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