Top 10 Sexiest Socialites in Uganda 2019

Uganda is honored with some sexy socialites who are well know in the showbiz. They are not only noted for just being sexy but are smart ladies, with great ability, fashionable etc.

They have also figured out how to make themselves a name in the Ugandan Entertainment Industry and below is the list list of the top 10 sexiest socialites in Uganda 2019

10. Doreen Kabareebe

 This is a city socialite, living in Kampala. She is a model and a fashion queen.

She is beautiful and stunning. She has been all this long a close friend of Pretty Glo, a Ugandan artist of Rwandese descent.

Among other things she has been known for spreading legs for the most popular male celebrities and the rich gang including the popular Jose Chameleone. She is the one in the photo above.

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