Top 10 Richest Tribes in Kenya

Kenya is gifted with numerous rich tribes and every tribe is eminent for having a few characteristics that distinct itself from other tribes. Meanwhile, Kenya’s various tribes are best distinguished through food, religion, methods of dressing, culture, and history.

Moreover, Kenya comprises 42 tribes and each tribe adds value to the country’s rich culture. Probably, it may be easy to identify Kikuyu natives not just because they are the most dominant Kenyans but because they business minded and have always been successful in that regard.

1. Kikuyu

Kikuyu is Kenya’s most prominent and most dominant tribe and many of its natives have made great names particularly in business. Meanwhile, many people believe the Kikuyus are the most industrious Kenyans and by means of their industrious nature, they have made good use of Kenya’s financial opportunities.

In many cases, Kikuyus make money through the establishment of businesses and one more interesting thing is that they hardly lavish money. Instead of spending heavily on trivial things, Kikuyus maintain the concept that any money spent really counts.

Based on statistics, the best part of Kenya’s richest people is Kikuyu natives who can also be found in every nook and cranny of Kenya, doing one business or the other. Impressively, Kikuyus’ prudent nature of spending has a great impact on their businesses, giving them the opportunities to set future targets and meet business objectives.

Besides wealth, Kikuyu happens to be one of Kenya’s most dominant landholders. Just behind Kalenjin, Kikuyu is Kenya’s second largest landholder as its territory covers a large portion of Kenya’s entire land mass.

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