Top 10 Richest Musicians in Zambia 2018

So long as music is part of the beauties of nature, Africa has remained the hub of many gifted music stars. Over the years, many African countries have shown the world that Africa is always on top in producing talented musicians .

Zambia, as a country also plays a major role in that. With this, every citizen would admire to know who are richest musicians in the country.

Our team have decided to showcase the Top 10 richest musicians in Zambia 2018 and their net worth and below is the full list.

1. Kayombo

Net Worth : $150, 000

Kayombo is popularly known as a Zambian Dancehall Artiste. One of the rare gene music industry can have, a talented, world-rated and African rising star.

He has made a huge success in the music industry, as a wise artist he is, he diverts some of his funds as an investment into boutique, real estate management and other services, these have placed him ahead his contemporaries.

He is presently the richest Musician in Zambia worth $150,000. He’s also tagged the best entertainer in Zambia till date.

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