Top 10 Richest MPs In Uganda 2019

Uganda’s tenth parliament consist of 426 MPs. Out of this number, out team thoroughly researched and found out the richest among them.

Despite these members of parliament bagging huge allowances and salary that totals to about Shs35m per month, some MPs remain poor and live a miserable life especially after leaving parliament.

However, Our research found out these exceptional MPs who have defied the odds and amassed huge wealth and investments.

Below is the lists of the top 10 richest MPs in the 10th Parliament. 

1. Thomas Tayebwa

Thomas Tayebwa is the MP for Ruhinda North County in Mitooma district, who came to parliament in 2016 when he was already a filthy rich man.

Before joining Parliament, Tayebwa who is a trained lawyer and businessman is a businesss partner to another tycoon Caesar Augustine Mulenga, the founder of Mulenga Development Kingdom.

Tayebwa who is also the chairman of Bayimba Cultural Foundation Board owns several companies including; SMS Empire Limited, Cholmart Investments, South Sudan, Gateway Associates Limited, Wandaz Products Limited among others.

Tayebwa owns two residential homes in Mitooma and Kampala both valued at over Shs4bn. 

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