Top 10 Richest Governors in Kenya 2018

Kenya held their gubernatorial elections last year,  and we can certify that the country’s class of governors now has new faces replacing some previous seat-holders. On the other hand, some strong governors retained their seats and this implies they will remain governors this till 2022.

In point of fact, the issue above draws consideration on what these governors have acquired in terms of wealth, and what they are expected to accumulate within their 5-year gubernatorial and finally, the additional revenues they will get outside their jobs as governors.

Below is the list of the top 10 wealthiest governors in Kenya.

1. Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho has struggled and eventually dominated the greatest spot among the top 10 richest governors in Kenya. 

As a wealthy personality, Joho is the reputable owner of a number of Kenyan companies such as the KPA-based forwarding companies.

He further claims the ownership of many apartments [in Mombasa] along with a family residence situated in the Kenyan city of Nyali.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested severally that Ali Hassan Joho will acquire more money through his control of a Kenyan County specified for a tourist destination.

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