These are the Top Richest Families in Uganda

Careful budgetary planning, business smartness and HardWork have made the following families the wealthiest in Uganda.

These families have accumulated their wealth in order to help their next generations to benefit much from it.

Majority of these families are into businesses like banking, electronics, insurance, cotton and coffee etc.

Below is the list of the top richest families in Uganda.

1. Mukwano Family

They have been in the industrialization business for a long time. It all started back in the day when their father Ali Muhammad Karmali came to Uganda in 1904 and built a big empire for them.

They have invested heavily in cotton, tea and coffee. The company name came from their founding father’s closeness with the people who called him “Mukwano Gwa Bangi” loosely meaning “friend of the masses” hence the name Mukwano.

Mukwano has a group of factories that manufacture soap, toilet paper, process Tea leaves and many other products.

They have expanded their business to Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi among other nations. Money flows in this family like the river Nile from Uganda to Egypt.

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