Top 10 Richest Families in Kenya 2018

2. The Kenyatta Family 

On the 2nd position of our list is the founding father of the nation, Kenyatta. The family has helped in contributing to the development of the economy by investing into a various number of the sector including Mining, Agriculture, Tourism, Insurance, Telecommunication and many other sectors.

Internationally, they have also created a connection for themselves.

In France and Germany, they own a jewellery shop and the biggest insurance company. Even in the United State of America, they have modern properties that are actively in use.

Also, they hold the ownership of the famous Brookside. Other companies and organisation owned by the family include Village Market, Commercial Bank of Africa, Heritage Hotels Group, Peponi School, Prestige Air and many others.

The Kenyattas are believed to worth above Ksh 130 Billion or even more.

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