Top 10 Richest Families in Kenya 2018

Kenya has always been producing people that are of high dignity to humanity. But have you ever wonder what type of families are there in Kenya?  In fact, there are families that are even financially buoyant than the others. Hence, there is hierarchy between these families as to which are the richest families in Kenya, same as any another country.

Kenya’s families have likewise made a position for themselves in richest families in Africa despite the fact that they have not yet entered into the World Ranking.

These families have built their wealth to the extent that their next generations will be the ones to benefit more from it.

Majority of the families are into real-time businesses like Petroleum, Mining, Engineering, Agriculture, Tourism etc.

Below is the list of the top 10 wealthiest families in Kenya.

1. The Moi Family 

On our list is the Moi Family coming as the wealthiest family in the whole of Kenya and even in the Central and Eastern part of Africa. The assets and properties of this wonderful family are distributed all across the globe.

A prominent member of the family, Gideon Moi, who is also the former president’s son, has interest in Kent ship, Sielei Properties Ltd, Revak Ltd, Giant Forex Bureau and many others. Apart from that, there are two other properties in the name of Gideon Moi both in London and South Africa.

Other companies owned by Moi includes Giro Bank, Reagent Management, Taurino Enterprise, Safariland Club, Equity Stock Brokers, First Force Security Company, Asian Roses, Mugoya Construction and many more. Moi has also tried to participate in the development of the educational sector of the country by investing into two of the schools-Kabarak University and Moi High School.

Seems their family is surrounded by wealth, Philip Moi, who is a son to Moi has an approximate wealth of Ksh 52 Billion and even control much more than his brother, Gideon.

On equivalent, the net worth of the Moi’s is $3 Billion. Other properties owned by Mois are Tiger Farm Ltd, Concord Holdings, General Commodities Dealers, Sheraton Holdings, Hahuru Investors, Kiharu Investors, Paradise Holdings, Panafion Engineering, Ectar Kenya Ltd and many more. In term of land ownership, the Moi Family is the second after the Kenyatta’s Family.

The Moi Family has shown interest in Chemusian Company, First American Bank, Equatorial Bank, Fresh Produce Ltd, Eagle Airlines, Car Track Kenya Ltd, Signon Freight etc.

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