Top 5 Ugandan Pastors Alleged To Be Members of Illuminati

Despite some numerous evidence and rumors, the allegations are not yet 100 percent confirmed.

Though, each pastor on this list has one or two bad thing that a man of God should not do.This scandals are what the Illuminati Order are known for.

Below is the list of the Ugandan pastors alleged to be a members of the Illuminati.

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja 

One of the richest pastors in the country and even in Africa, this man was not born rich, he was born poor suddenly he become rich.

The pastor wears designer suits, lives in a fabulous mansion overlooking Lake Victoria and preaches about wealth.

It is said that the order told him to be gay as a means of retaining his power and riches. This is why he is always involved in any high profile gay cases.

Church : Miracle Centre Cathedral  

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