National Benchmark Test (NBT) Requirements

Do you want to study?  Well, in order to apply to universities in South Africa, it is necessary to write the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs).  Don’t panic, we’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about registration.


Get your Ducks in a Row 

Registration can only be done online (using a computer or cell phone) on the NBT websiteBefore you register, make sure you have the following:

  1. ID book for SA citizens or a passport for non-SA citizens.
  2. Email address (if you don’t have one, we’ll help you get one here).
  3. Pen and paper to write down your username and EasyPay number. Take a look at the EasyPay website to register or to find out more about how EasyPay works.


How to Write NBTs Outside South Africa

So you want to write your NBTs…but you don’t live in South Africa or you are outside the country for some reason. Don’t worry – there are things that can be done, we’ll help you out! 

Remember, Remember…

The registration process can be easy but it’s important to make some decisions beforehand. Here’s a list of steps to take to prepare for the registration:

  1. Find out the NBT requirements for the degree you want to apply for (some require the AQL and the MAT, while some only require the AQL).
  2. Decide where you want to write your NBTs. Have a look at the list of venues and see which is most convenient for you (find out more information about NBT dates here).
  3. Visit the website or prospectus of the university you are applying for. Different universities have different requirements for NBT deadlines.

Institutions in South Africa

Check out our pages for all the tertiary institutions in South Africa to find out important information such as NBT requirements and deadlines.

4. Choose the date you want to write your NBTs. Make sure to mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget! (If you miss your test, you will have to register and pay for another session at a later date. You will be sent a reminder email and SMS two days before your test to help you remember).

FAQS about the NBTs

Registering and preparing for the NBTs can be confusing. Lots of people have lots of questions. Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and hopefully, we will answer some of yours! 

Done and Dusted 

Once you have completed your registration, you will be given an EasyPay barcode which you can download or print and take to an EasyPay pay point (or visit the EasyPay website). You will only be able to view your results once you have paid. Writing the AQL costs R100 and writing the AQL and MAT costs R200.

NBT Infographic

As we’ve said before, the NBT process can be confusing. But trust us, it’s actually pretty simple and easy! Check out our infographic that highlights the most import NBT information

After you’ve written your test (and double-checked that you’ve paid!) you can sit back and relax…for four weeks. Results usually take about a month to come out so make sure to check the NBT website regularly!

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