Top 10 Most Talked About Ugandan Celebrities And Events In 2019

2. Bobi Wine

From music to politics, Bobi Wine served Ugandans with events to talk about on a daily basis.

All this started when he was declared Kyadondo East Member of Parliament in July 2017. But 2018 was his year.

He eluded arrest when he held a demonstration in downtown Kampala over the newly introduced Over the Top Tax.

That led way to the new ‘People Power’ movement, which had previously been underground.

That movement was instrumental in the re-election of legislators Paul Mwiru (Jinja Municipality) Asuman Basaliwa (Bugiri Municipality), Kasiano Wadri (Arua Municipality).

But it was in Arua that security forces finally arrested MP Kyagulanyi Robert.

This after his driver was shot and killed in the aftermath of the byelection. The legislator was charged, together with 33 others of treason after allegedly stoning the presidential convoy.

Bobi’s arrest in August sparked public outcry world over, with demonstration and concerts held under the hashtag #FreeBobiWine.

Due to the pressure from the public, Bobi Wine was released on bail and sent to United States of America for treatment.

Upon return, Bobi Wine organised a ‘Kyarenga Concert’ but not without the back and forth drama between the state and musician.

Thrice the show was cancelled until it was allowed by the police to happen at One Love Beach, Busabala on November 10.

Kyarenga at Busabala so far holds the history as the most attended show in the country. Several other concerts have since been cancelled, including the annual Yee Seebo on Boxing Day.

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