Top 10 Most Talked About Ugandan Celebrities And Events In 2019

We are just in January 2019 and Our team brings you a recap of some of the events, hashtags, the most talked about celebrities and anything else that really mattered in the Ugandan entertainment industry .

Here, we bring you the trending stories which all Ugandans are still talking about.

1. Radio Mowzey

One month into 2018 and the country woke up to the sad news of the death of singer Moses Sekibogo alias Mowzey Radio.

Radio, the one half of Goodlife crew died at Case Hospital on February 1, 2018 after suffering from a blood clot in the brain.

The artiste allegedly got involved in an incident at De Bar, were the club bouncer, a one Troy push him to the ground.

Radio was first rushed to Nsambya hospital but because of his delicate situation, he was referred to Case where he died after a week in comma.

Born on January 1985, Radio was buried at Seguku Kagga on February 3, 2018.

His death up til the burial was covered by both local and international media houses such as Aljazeera, CNN, BBC, Reuters among others.

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