Top 10 Most Stylish Young Kenyan Women

Fashion will always be part of art, and hence both art and fashion will always be related.

Apparently, fashion plays such big roles in shaping these stylish female celebs along with their unique and eccentric styles of art to be the kind of women they are today.

It also seems like the more unique the fashion style is, the stronger the impressions are to create new icons out of themselves.

Here we picked 10 most stylish young Kenyan women that might inspire you!

1. Joy Kendi

She is best known to us as an actor but she has since delved into fashion and has not looked back since.

She even started her own blog where she shared her personal style and tips on how to look good without breaking the bank.

She is also very daring with her hair from rocking long hair to a short blonde Afro. Her style is very easy to put together and achievable.

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