Top 10 Most Romantic Couples In Kenya

Many men in the public limelight — regardless of the amount they exchange off at home to guarantee long-standing marriage or relationship —admires to express their love in public .

In Kenya ,these personalities have had no problem letting the public know that their love is ever surviving.

In return, their fans often regard them as stunning, joyful, happy, among other praiseworthy descriptions.
Below is the list of the top 10 most romantic couples in Kenya.

1. Rev Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Perhaps, the most elegant, fashionable and flamboyant middle-aged preachers in the country. They are admired by more than their faithful for their very public relationship, when they are not ministering at the  Jubilee Christian Church. Rev Kiuna said on KTN’s Cross Over programme that he has saved his wife as ‘Baby’ and she him as ‘Honey Bunch.’

They are often photographed together and hate them or love them; they are quite the photogenic couple. They have graced a couple of lifestyle magazines including True Love.

Their life is deemed fairy-tale like. Kathy has become a role-model for the young, saved and upwardly mobile woman in Nairobi who attends her Woman Without Limit sessions.  Alan is your typical charismatic, evangelical preacher who can pass for an alpha male, exuding all that energy on the pulpit, making him a magnetic force.

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