Top 10 Most Loved Female Celebrities in Uganda

Ugandan female celebrities have done a wide range of things to sink deep and remain in the hearts and minds of fans.

Some have gone as far as stripping and having their photos uploaded online for them to be famous, while others, through hard work rise to the best and make it into fans heart.

Whatever these celebrities did or didn’t do, they are without doubt the most adored female celebrities in Uganda.

Below is the list of the most loves female celebrities in Uganda.

1. Juliana Kanyomozi

The name Juliana Kanyomozi is loved by many Ugandans. The former I-Jay singer who rose to stardom to become one of the biggest Ugandan artistes to reckon with is loved by fans to death.

Although most of her fans recently disagreed with her and openly attacked her on Facebook for the first time, because of differing political views, they still forgave her and came back to her side.

Fans have overtime showed their love for Juliana by supporting her career, buying her music, attending her concerts, being there for her when she lost her child and organizing a party to celebrate her. Surely, Juliana is one of the most loved Ugandan female celebrities.

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