Top 10 Most Flamboyant Celebrities In Kenya

Celebrities aren’t always smart, but they sure know how to attract attention. They’re able to do this, by being racy and flamboyant.

Below, you’ll discover the top 10 most flamboyant celebrities in Kenya.
Let us have a look at them

1. Akothee

Singer is a self-made sponsor of her own bills. On many occasions she has bragged out how she spoils herself with expensive items such as huge mansion of her properties located at the coast, with a fleet of cars.

She owns a V8 among other top cars in Kenya. She surprised her daughter with a car gift during her birthday.

She never forget to update us about her new lovely catch also.

Akothee is just one of the top richest musicians in Kenya. It is rumored she paid Diamond close to Ksh.2 million shillings just for a collabo.

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