Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Zambia 2019

Generally, education is known to be wonderful, interesting and above all, costly.

In fact, every Zambian parent would love to choose the best schools for their wards and also want to know which schools are the most expensive,

Despite the fact that some families cant afford to send their kids to these prestigious schools, the government of the Republic of Zambia has offered incentives to cater for everyone so that most of its citizens can have access to free or affordable education.

Above all, below is the list of the top 10 most expensive schools in Zambia 2019

10. Simba International School (Ndola)

Simba International School is a multicultural school based in Ndola Zambia. Simba offers its students pathways to tertiary education all around the world.

Pre-School:K 5,600.00
Reception:K 9,150.00
Primary:K 9,150.00
Junior Secondary:K 13,700.00
Senior Secondary:K 13,700.00
Other (Specify): “A” LevelK 15,400.00
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