Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Kenya 2018

Getting a cheap education in Kenya is now a thing of the past , as everyone can testify to that . The truth is that, if you want a good education ,then there is a lot of price to pay.

However, don’t be surprised if you get to know how expensive schools in Kenya have become, without any financial aid, you’d pay up to Ksh 3,000,000 a year to attend the most expensive school in Kenya.

Most of the expensive schools in Kenya are private that offer international study systems such as IGSE. Good boarding, scholarships, health care etc. are all guaranteed in these schools.

These schools are located in Nairobi’s suburbs. Kids attending these schools are those top government officials, ambassadors and top business moguls in Kenya.
Below is the list of the most expensive schools in Kenya 2018.

1. International School of Kenya 

This is where the richest people in Kenya send their kids. It is the largest international school in Kenya which offers a North American curriculum plus the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

International School of Kenya was ranked 7th out of the top 100 best high schools in Africa by Africa Almanac in 2003, based upon quality of education, student engagement, strength and activities of alumni, school profile, internet and news visibility.

Founded in 1976, the school is located along Kiwara Road in the outskirts of Nairobi. In this school, tuition fees per year is Ksh 2, 070,204 on average.

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