Top 10 Most Drunkard Celebrities In Uganda

Like most people, celebs just want to have a good time and cut loose after a hard day’s work. It’s part of the human experience.

However, when the average person has a few too many drinks, their antics may be big news within their social circle, but it’s probably not going to make national headlines.

That’s definitely not the case when you’re famous. Celebrities also don’t have the luxury of dealing with alcoholism in private, and that’s led to some unfortunate pop culture moments that have sidelined the careers of even Hollywood’s biggest stars.

In Uganda, the following celebrities are the ones who are known to be addicted to alcohol.

10. Agatha Loswash

Yes you must have watched her Pundonor Magazine on NBS TV, then you also know the Agatha we are talking about, she is hot, accurate and married with a strong command of English language. 

All this aside, the yummy diva is also not a joking subject when it comes to the mighty bottle affairs. 

Agatha is a woman of Wines and Whiskies who can’t disappoint once they are served together with some barbeque sticks and Kacumbali. She is so much into it to an extent of joining a drinking competition. 

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