Top 10 Most Adored Kenyan Celebrity Families

They say that true love concurs it all and can make love go an extra mile despite ups and downs in the relationship or marriage.

Many people tend to think that celebrity couples don’t last for long due to the public life most celebrities live. There is some truth in that though, but the following Kenyan celebrity families will motivate you to go down the family road faster than you ever imagined.

Below is the list of the top 10 most adored Kenyan celebrity families.

1. Dj Mo and Size 8

They are doing quite fine, stronger and better each day. Most people thought that Size 8 will take a long hiatus from the entertainment industry after settling down with Dj Mo, and have her little girl Ladasha.

They have been working really hard building their brand, being parents, employees, business partners time, and they do quite a good job.

They have supported each other throughout. Don’t we love the Murayas?

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