Top 10 Least Corrupt Counties in Kenya 2019

Based on the survey organized by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Lamu county is the least most corrupt county with a corruption index of 5.80 %.

The commission targeted Public works areas, hospitals, procurement departments and finance departments etc.

Below is the list of the least corrupt counties inn Kenya 2019 based on the report.

Top 10 Least Corrupt Counties in Kenya 2019

1. Lamu

Lamu County is located in the Northern Coast of Kenya and is one of the Six Coastal Counties in Kenya.

It borders Tana River County in the southwest, Garissa County to the north, Republic of Somalia to the northeast and the Indian Ocean to the South.

The County has 2 constituencies namely Lamu West and Lamu East. These two also consist of the two districts referred to as the sub-counties in Lamu County.

Lamu West has Amu Mkomani, Shela, Hindi, Mkunumbi, Hongwe, Bahari and Witu Divisions while Lamu East has Faza, Basuba and Kiunga divisions. There are 10 wards, 23 locations, and 38 sub-locations in the County

As in 2019, the the corruption rate in Lamu county is 5.8% and that makes it the least corrupt county in Kenya.

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