Top 10 Kenya’s Most Notorious Criminals Of All Time

Just like any country , Kenya has had criminals who broke the law and gave the police force a hard time.

Ranging from murder, rape, robbery with violence cases, Kenya’s most popular thugs go into history as a real pain in the law and order fraternity.

Here are some of Kenya’s notorious criminals who will be remembered for their flawlessness in disturbing peace

10. Peter Mwea Wakinyonga

His surname Wakinyonga is Swahili for strangle which is quite ironic.Apart from being a famous bank robber, he was also a cold blooded killer.

He is the ‘Godfather’ in the history of Kenyan crime due to the lots of gangsters that he influenced.

In the 1970s, Wakinyonga was the most wanted man in Kenya with a bounty of KES 100, 000 (USD 1,160) on his head.

That was quite a large amount in those days.In his lifetime, he robbed millions of shillings from various banks countrywide.

He was killed in 1978 after a dramatic gunfight with the police in a club in Kangemi, Nairobi.

9. Philip Onyancha

Philip Onyancha is Kenya’s most brutal if not terrifying serial killer in history.

Onyancha is said to have killed and drunk the blood of 17 women after in what he claimed was a satanic ritual.

Onyancha mainly targeted prostitutes and street children and was arrested and now serves time in prison.

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