Top 10 Kenyan Tribes With The Most Beautiful Ladies

Kenya is currently under intensive tribal integration, for once, making it possible to look across borders for mutual relationships. Even so, it is reasonable to curiously want to find out  which Kenyan tribes have the most beautiful ladies for varied purposes.

However, It is a fact that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as the adage goes. Taste for beauty varies widely across people, but it is arguably correct to state that women from some particular tribes compensate for most features in their beauty than the others.

Below is the list of the Clans in Kenya with the most beautiful ladies.

1. Kamba

Top on our list is Kamba women, favorite for their hips and light-chocolate skin color. Besides, they have remarkable pancake behinds lucrative to admire.

Most tribes in Kenya envy Kamba ladies for their natural beauty and attractive body figures. Some of the outstanding women who have gained immense tribute in the tribe’s beauty arena include Betty Kyalo and Lilian Muli, pioneering Kenyan television personalities. 

Unverified sources have it that Kamba women are superb in loving their men but however, difficult to handle and unruly at times. It all takes a partner willing to put up with anything about Kamba women to reap the honey that comes along. 

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