Top 10 Hottest Female DJs In Kenya At The Moment

Of all the most exciting phenomena in Kenyas entertainment industry, the rise and rise of female DJs has to be the highlight of the story.

With a worldwide presence and huge fan-base, female DJs are slowly creeping up in the male dominated industry.

It helps if you are splendid at your job, it’s even better if you are super-hot and sexy.

Once a female DJ steps up, the crowd will dance. Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying that female DJ’s are just as good as their male counterparts, some of them being even better.

Talent notwithstanding, a strong social media presence, international recognition, and super sexy looks are the combinations that make these females in the industry a force to reckon.

Below, our team lists the top 10 hottest female Deejays in Kenya at the moment.

10. DJ Sashy

Even While all the centre of attention has been the Nairobi-based female Deejays, this Mombasa-based DJ has demonstrated you don’t have to stay in the big city to be a top-rated disk jockey spinner.

Sarah Wanjiru as her name goes is no doubt coast’s ruling turntable queen. Sashy usually spins her way to fame at Tapas Lounge.

This Dj looks to make a notable impact in the industry if her plan to begin an all-female DJs gear is a thing to go by.

Even though she finds the Mombasa entertainment enterprise less-accommodating of female deck stars, a little push to the outer limits is all she believes she requires. This Makeup artist is in her 6TH year in showbiz.

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