List of Highest Paying Jobs in Tanzania 2018

Every one admires to choose the right career in order to work for one of the best companies in the world in order to live the kind of life every one is yearning for.

About 70 percent of job seekers today say the salary is a key factor when considering employment options,In this case, choosing the right job is vital.

To highlight the jobs offering the best paychecks right now, created this list of the highest-paying jobs in Tanzania .

Below is a list of the highest paying jobs in Tanzania.


A lawyer is an individual who eats life with a big spoon in Tanzania. Those employed by popular law firms earn more than Tsh 2 million while those in private practice make even more than Tsh 20 million per month.

The reason why law is one of the best is because of the rigorous training they undergo before becoming lawyer. Another reason why it’s a respected profession is because lawyers don’t compete for jobs with other graduates.

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