Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrities In Kampala

Each and every one has their own definition when they come across the word sexy .

We all agree the being sexy means you are sexually attractive or exciting, but that is far from our definition of the word.

Ours is all about sex appeal, having a good fashion sense and above all looking fit.

The following men are without doubt the sexiest men and we present to you the hottest, sexiest most delicious looking men in Kampala.

1. Maurice Kirya

Between waiting tables at his restaurant ‘The Sound Cup‘ and writing beautiful songs, this 32-year-old singer defines everything sexy stands for.

He looks very much in shape, has a lot going on for him work wise and has a great fashion sense.

He connects with his fans so intimately on social media that sometimes we think the dude is in love with us.

Allow me to share this as well because I might never get this opportunity – There’s something intriguing about his eyes. Maurice Kirya is no doubt the sexiest man in Kampala and don’t forget to buy his new album because it’s dropping soon.

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