Top 10 Greatest Zimbabwean Musicians Of All Time

Zimbabwean music includes folk and pop styles. Much of the folk music incorporates mbira, Ngoma drums and hosho.

Music has played a significant role in the history of Zimbabwe, from a vital role in the traditional Bira ceremony used to call on ancestral spirits, to protest songs during the struggle for independence.

Zimbabwean musicians’ lyrics mostly contain encouragement of upholding good social values in the family and society as whole.

Such lyrics can be seen in songs by artists like Oliver Mtukudzi, Simon Chimbetu, , John Chibadura, Alick Macheso and many others.

In this article, we list the top 10 greatest Zimbabwean musicians who have made their mark and made names for themselves in the music industry.

1. Oliver Mtukudzi

Undeniably, undoubtedly and inarguably the greatest artist Zimbabwe has ever produced. Oliver possess unique talent that no one else can claim.

The number of albums to his name, world tours, his popularity around the globe and consistency is evidence of what a legend he is.

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