Top 10 Famous Kids Running Kampala 2019

The following young lads are the ones making news in the Ugandan entertainment industry .They are young, famous, none of them disappoints as they are always on point.

Notwithstanding their age, they always show a can-do attitude in all their endeavors and that makes them stand out.

This article shows a list of of the top 10 famous Kampala kids which we all should watch for in 2019.

1. Fik Fameika (Musician)

It is with no doubt that the most selling young artiste at the moment is FikFameica.

He came into the music game in 2017 with asongs like MbegaWaBaala, Mutuwulira, Byenyenya and Kutamaand the recently released Skonto, among other hits.

All these songs have not disappointed in the music Industry and it is the reason he is performing at almost all local stages.

There is a bright ray of hope for the young star and we believe he is headed for the best.

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