Top 10 Best Towns to Do Business in Kenya

in case you want to start your very own business, finding the perfect place to set up the shop is the basic step.

In this article, we identify the top 10 towns and cities that many entrepreneurs admire to start their businesses in.  Some towns such as Kakamega, Nakuru and Nairobi did not meet the cut due to several reasons.

As indicated by information recently introduced by The World Bank Group, these three towns are still grappling with lengthy registration procedures and expensive rates which deny growth environment for small and medium-scale enterprises.

Below is the list of the top 10 cities that we recommend to everyone who wants to start a business in Kenya.


Located 2 hours to the North of the Capital City, the once sleepy Nyeri town is slowly creeping back to life. And thanks to its low cost of living and a rich agricultural hinterland, the town provides just the perfect recipe for agri-business and agri-based startups to launch and thrive.

Large education institutions are also setting up in the area and this is gradually creating housing demand (especially for single rooms). Small business ventures that are performing quite well in Nyeri include: poultry keeping, onion farming, rabbit farming and low-end market real estate. Previous reports by the World Bank ranked Nyeri as 6th best town in dealing with construction permits and 10 best to launch a business from scratch.

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