Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Tanzania 2018

Every Tanzanian deserves a quality education, and to get this, you need to attend the best schools .

Over the years, the education sector  in our country has been partly marginalized by the government , this stems from the assurance that the Tanzanian constitution doesn’t mandate the government to render good academic services to the people.

Despite this setbacks, many private institutions has cut out an exceptional way in creating academic institutions that potentially help young students attain their O-level modules. 

Our Secondary school rankings is based on the resources these schools have, better laboratory equipment, well-trained teachers, the way they approach education and moreover, their academic performances. 

Below is the list of the top 10 secondary schools on Tanzania 2018

 1. Al Muntazir Schools

Al Muntazir Schools offers academic services under the auspices of the KSIJ Central Board of Education. This institution is based in the renowned Tanzanian region of Dar Es Salaam. Likewise, it is regarded as one of Tanzania’s contemporary academic institutions as it offers academic programmes ranging from the pre-school category to the A-levels.

Al Muntazir Schools has the conventional motive of inculcating academic excellence in its students. With respect to this, the school hopes to instigate, in its students, the everlasting desire to learn.

Under the patronage and management of Al Muntazir Schools, there are a number of schools including Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary, Al Muntazir Union Nursery, Al Muntazir Girls Primary and Al Muntazir Boys Primary. Meanwhile, each of these schools is geared towards providing academic excellence and expertise.

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