Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Namibia 2019

Secondary education in Namibia stretches over a period of 5 years from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Children are presented with a Junior Secondary School Certificate after successful completion of Grade 10. After successful completion of Grade 12 learners are presented with a Namibia Senior Secondary Education Certificate.

With this, every student admires to attend the best schools and we are pleased to announce our Top 10 Secondary Schools in Namibia for 2019. Below is the full list .

10. Concordia College

Concordia College is a school in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. It is situated on Windhoek’s Hochland Road between suburbs of Rocky Crest and Hochland Park.

The school facility was privately owned by Consolidated Diamond Mines (CDM, now Namdeb), the Namibian subsidiary of De Beers.

The school was expected to provide education for children judged highly intelligent, with the aim of providing a pool of youths to be educated as teachers.

It was operated by the then colonial administration of Namibia. It was the first multi-racial state-operated school in Namibia.

Establishment of the facility by De Beers was reflected in the school’s diamond-shaped logo. After independence the school was donated to Government of Namibia.

The requirement of an IQ test as a prerequisite for admission was abandoned in 1993.

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