Top 10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities In Kenya 2018

Fashion makes a strong and lasting statement on a person’s style. The clothes we wear talks much about who we are and what culture we portray.

A person’s social rank and profession is also identified through his or her style and sometimes, the colour of their clothes.

Moreover, Some men are sensitive to how they look, dress and walk. Such men are mostly found in the entertainment and music industry where scrutiny is paramount.

In Kenya, there are celebrities who stand out. In our latest list, we have the following Male celebrities who always look dapper in their outfits.

1. Abdi Askar

Popularly known as king Askar, Abdi Askari is a Kenyan model who has taken the country by storm. Born in Kismayo Somalia but moved to Kenya and saw a great opportunity to start modeling, he portrays a great sense of fashion. 

Abdi is immaculately dressed, a man women follow like a cult. Among other awards and recognition he has received, he has twice been the best male dresser at Nairobi’s prestigious monthly social event, ‘blankets and wines’. 

2. Nick Mutuma

Nicholas Munene Mutuma is second on the  list. The 30 year old is a Kenyan actor, model and a television host. He has been on the limelight since 2008. Mutuma also caste in MNETs drama series changes, MTV Shuga-he also starred in zuku series state house.

With his good looks, masculine  and well built body and a good sense of  fashion ,he attracts admiration from female species who publicly say they wouldn’t mind being his ‘mpango wa kando’’.

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