Top 10 Best Deejays in Uganda 2019

Considering the stiffness and growth of the entertainment industry in Uganda, the competition is not only left for the musicians but also the Disc jockeys.

The Djs are also becoming more and more competitive today that some of these have taken steps into working as groups.

Despite the fact that there have been challenges for these Deejay’s ,since the music styles have been changing a lot from Dancehall to RnB, Reggae etc.

The following deejays have standout among others in terms of pulling massive crowds and making their fans happy .

Below is a List of the Top Best DJs in Uganda 2019:

1. DJ Roja and Slick Stuart

Still standing from 2017 List, DJ Slick Stuart and Roja have managed to stay on top of the 2018 list.

The duo DJ released hit songs that were rocked by almost all other DJ’s including their hit songs; Very Well and Pon Me.

They held a successful Mixtape Party and have also stayed relevant for the whole year.

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