Top 10 Best A-Level Schools In Tanzania 2019

Education they say is expensive, but we believe that with determination you can get everything you want no matter the cost.

Getting a good education or even attending good schools is not easy, we wish you success as you choose from any of these schools.

With thorough research, our team profiles a list of the top 10 best A-level schools in Tanzania 2019.

1. Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary

Established in 1986, the school is home to approximately 1000+ students and 80+ teaching faculty, and offers both the Cambridge International Curriculum (IGCSE) and the NECTA National Curriculum.

It was named after the Shia Twelfth Imam, a collection of non-government schools, providing excellent education from pre-school to A-levels

The school provides both the international curriculum through Cambridge and the local curriculum through NECTA.

Sporting activities such as; Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Swimming and Recreational Sports are also available and are coached by top professionals.

It also has a library that houses lots of books such as reading materials and academic textbooks.

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